Working thoughts

Ideas, thoughts... mainly about programming & co.

Talks & Writing

List of talks I gave on various occasions.

  • Taking Swift for a spin

    I gave a talk about Swift, the programming languages and our experiences build a product with in it, during the XConf 2014 in Hamburg. The same talk has been given by my colleagues in Manchester and it was even recorded :).

  • On connection lost

    Slides from the code.talks 2014 about realising an offline web-application. This presentation has been also presented during devoxx2014 in Antwerp, so if you have a account, you can see the recording the site

  • Introduction to GWT

    A lecture for Medical Informatics students at Heilbronn/Heidelberg University.

  • lombok: do you like your boilerplate?

    A lightning talk I gave at majug - the Mannheim Java User Group.

Articles I was involved in: