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Burstah, a Build Monitor

During my last four projects or so, the teams I worked with were always using GO.CD as the CD tool of their choosing. Although the pipeline state visualisation GO.CD comes with is quite nice, it still doesn’t cut it as a proper, obvious build monitor enabling everybody in the team to quickly recognize what is the pipeline status.

Therefore first cidar, a simple sinatra based build monitor, has been born. I quickly discovered that sinatra and especially the nokogiri dependency, doesn’t make it easy to use e.g. a Raspberry Pi as the monitor hardware. So, having the liberty, I decided to re-implement everything in JavaScript using node.js & express. Burstah , my second attempt at the ultimative build monitor, has been born bowtie

All the necessary information how to use, install or contribute can be found in Burstah’s readme.

Currently Burstah has following features:

  • Polling for the cctray.xml to recognize the pipelines and their status
  • Grabbing the commit details directly out of the GO.CD and presenting them
  • Providing an animation when the build is running
  • Supporting emojis in the commit messages thumbsup

If you have any wishes or issues, just write stuff down on the github issues page.